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This video is applicable to all companies that use trailers along with individual pulling campers or boats.

A few years ago Ohio Concrete had a problem with accidents when their employees were pulling trailers. It was important for us to address this problem when we realized it was a training issue. Many of our employees had little experience hooking up, backing and driving with trailers. We searched libraries and the internet and could not find solid information discussing this topic.

We had prior experience producing videos for the concrete sawing and drilling industry and came to the conclusion we would have to produce a video addressing this issue. We hired a local newscaster to be our spokesperson for this video and the end result was something we are proud of. It has also eliminated the problem we had with accidents caused by inexperienced drivers pulling trailers improperly.

This video discusses the following important issues:

  • Knowing if your vehicle has the capacity to tow a trailer
  • Different size receivers and balls
  • Proper use of safety chains
  • Proper hook up of electric brakes
  • Extra care required when pulling out and merging onto the interstate
  • Extra distance required when attempting to stop with a heavy trailer
  • Importance of proper balance when loading a trailer
  • Tongue weight and towing capacity of your vehicle
  • Tips on backing up with a trailer

If you own a company and you have noticed an increase in accidents when your employees pull trailers – this is the best investment you will make in your safety program this year.

In reviewing insurance claims it became apparent the biggest risk was accidents that occurred while employees were driving the company's trucks. In looking closer at the vehicle accidents it became apparent the most frequent accident was a rear end collision, where the driver was cited for failing to maintain an assured clear distance. These accidents occurred most frequently when the operators were puling trailers. The additional weight increased the stopping distance. This instructional video will teach our employees how themselves and everyone else on the road safe when towing a trailer.

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