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This driving safety video is a must for
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Download our Brochure on
Trailer Towing Safety

This Trailer Towing Safety Video could change the way you do business. If you are concerned about accidents your employees are involved in while they are trailer towing, this driving safety video is a must for your company. The information contained in this driving safety video is presented in a concise, professional manner that will be easy for your staff to watch and understand. Best of all, they will really learn things they can use while on the job when they are trailer towing. This is practical information that will help them perform their job duties better.


What your staff will learn:

  • How to know if your vehicle has the capacity for trailer towing
  • How to secure the trailer to your tow vehicle
  • Proper use of safety chains
  • Proper hook-up of electric brakes
  • The importance of proper balance when loading a trailer
  • Tips on backing up with a trailer
  • How to take extra care when pulling out and merging onto the interstate when
    trailer towing
  • How to negotiate the extra distance required when attempting to stop with a heavy trailer
  • Different size receivers and balls
  • Tongue weight and towing capacity of your vehicle


The driving safety video also comes with a Trailer Towing Safety Video Questionnaire that features 17 questions that will ensure that your employees watched the video closely and learned from it. You can administer the trailer towing safety questionnaire either orally or on paper for a more formal testing procedure. We provide you with the questions in a convenient multiple-choice format as well as the answers.

We can also customize the Trailer Towing Safety Video to include your company’s name at the beginning. This is an extra touch to the driving safety video that we are happy to provide that makes your company seem all the more professional and prepared when it comes to the safety of your employees when trailer towing.

Keep your company and your employees safe when they’re on the road trailer towing, order your Trailer Towing Safety Video today. 

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Download our Brochure on
Trailer Towing Safety