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Testimonials show how it is working for other trailer towing professionals

At Ohio Concrete, we are very proud of our Trailer Towing Safety Video and the positive effects it can have on drivers who are trailer towing on roads and freeways all over the country. We know you will be satisfied with our driving safety video and that your employees will learn a lot from the video and improve their skills when trailer towing.

Over the years, we have had hundreds of satisfied customers who have shown our concrete cutting training videos to their employees. We have also had tremendous success in our business using the videos to provide consistent and regular training to our staff. Using the Trailer Towing Safety Video, we have experienced a 100 percent decrease in accidents while our drivers are trailer towing.

Because we have just recently started marketing and selling this Trailer Towing Safety Video to the public, we haven’t heard much feedback yet. However, we are happy to share this comment from one company manager:

“...I use it to familiarize my techs with the two types of brakes common to utility trailers (especially electric) and how to hook up ball hitch style utility trailers to tow properly.” 

--Frank Lee
Wachter Rollouts Equipment Rental Management


We know you will be happy with theTrailer Towing Safety Video as well. After you have shown the video to your staff and see what a difference it makes at your company, drop us line so we can share your comments with other perspective clients. We want to help you to make both your company and your employees safer when trailer towing. Buy the Trailer Towing Safety Video today and start training your employees tomorrow.


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