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Ohio Concrete found no other training
video like it was available

Since 1981, Ohio Concrete Sawing and Drilling has been Ohio’s premier sawing and drilling contractor. During the height of the construction season, the four offices located in Ohio will complete nearly 2,000 jobs each month, many of which involve towing trailers. Ohio Concrete has been successful because they have always focused on meeting the needs of their customers.

Ohio Concrete developed their training videos several years ago in an effort to make sure all of their new employees were exposed to consistent training materials. We relied on the collective experience of our employees to write the scripts for the training videos. The training videos were professionally videotaped and edited. They are television quality productions containing information not available anywhere else.

While we have produced and sold training videos related to concrete cutting for several years, we only recently decided to market and sell a Trailer Towing Safety Video. Through our own exhaustive search, we found that there is nothing else like this training video on the market that specifically addresses towing trailers.

After our employees had several accidents while towing trailers, we thought it would be worthwhile to invest in a training video that would help them in correctly towing trailers.  It was important for us to address this problem when we realized it was a training issue. Many of our employees had little experience hooking up, backing and towing trailers. We searched libraries and the internet and could not find solid information discussing this topic, so we produced one ourselves with the help of an experienced video production team. This training video has eliminated our problems and accidents due to inexperienced drivers towing trailers improperly. Order yours today and start saving.

Ohio Concrete has sold hundreds of training videos from coast to coast to concrete cutting contractors, tool rental companies, diamond blade manufacturers, labor union training facilities along with electrical and plumbing contractors. The training videos are available in either VHS or DVD formats. Order your Trailer Towing Safety Video today.

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