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Here’s the Top 10 Reasons you should
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  1. Make sure your staff knows how to properly distribute the weight in your commercial trailer. This trailer towing guide will explain not only how to load your commercial trailer but also why the distribution of weight in the trailer is so important.

  2. It will instruct your employees to be aware of weather conditions on the road while they are towing a commercial trailer. Find out special precautions your drivers should take when it is raining, snowing or slippery.

  3. By watching this Trailer Towing Safety Video, members of your staff will learn how to find out the Gross Vehicle Weight that your commercial trailer can carry. Carrying too much weight in your commercial trailer can have disastrous consequences. This trailer towing guide will show you how to find out how much weight your commercial trailer can carry and why it’s so important to follow these guidelines.

  4. Find out how to determine what kind of brakes your commercial trailer has and how to be sure the brakes are working properly.Braking can be especially difficult when you are a novice to pulling a commercial trailer. This trailer towing guide explains the different types of brakes your trailer may have and how to properly apply them to avoid having an accident.

  5. Be sure your employees know what to do in order to make sure the commercial trailer does not break away from the tow vehicle. There are several measures you can take to make sure your trailer doesn’t come loose from your vehicle; this Trailer Towing Safety Video explains those and how to avoid losing your commercial trailer while you are on the road.

  6. It is important that your employees know about the components that make up the commercial trailer and how they work together to ensure the safe towing of your trailer. In order to understand how anything works, it is important to understand the different component parts. This Trailer Towing Safety Video will explain some terms that your drivers may find confusing such as coupler, nylock nuts and draw bar.

  7. Correctly securing the commercial trailer to the tow vehicle is the most important aspect to consider in the safety of your driver. This trailer towing guide will tell you four important steps to take to secure the commercial trailer to the tow vehicle. If you follow these four easy steps, you will have no problem hooking up the trailer.

  8. Before starting off on your journey with your commercial trailer, there are many things you need to check. This Trailer Towing Safety Guide will tell you why you need to check much more than just your brakes lights and mirrors.

  9. Stopping and passing other vehicles can be much more difficult when you are towing a commercial trailer. This Trailer Towing Safety Video will tell you how to perform these seemingly simple operations without incident. The trailer towing guide will also show you why it’s important to be extra cautious when passing other high-profile vehicles such as campers, motor homes, trucks and buses.

  10. This Trailer Towing Safety Video comes with a handy questionnaire that you use to ensure that your staff was paying attention. You can administer the questionnaire either orally or on paper for a more formal testing procedure. We provide you with the questions in a convenient multiple-choice format as well as the answers


Keep your company and your employees safe when they’re on the road, order your Trailer Towing Safety Video today. 


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