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Trailer Safety Checklist

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Trailer Towing Safety

Before any trailer-towing trip, there are a number of important inspection points. Trailer safety is often overlooked as a component of successful job completion and customer satisfaction. Getting the job done fast is only a success if the job is done right - and safe.

Remember - a little time spent on safety save a lot of time (and money) wasted on accidents.


  1. Check gross trailer weight, tongue weight, and total weight distribution - do not overload this trailer.
  2. Check that the correct hitch is properly installed on towing vehicle.
  3. When coupling, check that coupler locking device (safety pin), safety chains, and breakaway cable (if applicable) are properly connected.

    • The pin securing the ball mount to the receiver is intact.
    • The hitch coupler is secured.
    • Spring bar hinges are tight with the safety clips in place (load equalizer or weight distributing hitches).
    • Safety chains are properly attached.

  4. Check that tires are properly inflated and that wheel nuts are properly torqued.
  5. If applicable, check that all lights are working properly.

    • The electrical plug is properly installed.

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Trailer Towing Safety